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01) Band Name:

02) Band Members:
03) Website:
04) Current Album:
05) How would you describe your music to somebody who does not know you yet?
06) Other influences (not concerning music itself)?
07) What are each band member's tasks inside the band?
08) What do you think makes a good band?
09) Which one was your best gig yet, and why?
10) What made you get into this kind of music?
11) Do you know any other bands from you region you would recommend?
12) Among all of your songs, what are your personal five favorites?
13) How do you usually create new songs, and how long did you work on your current album?
14) What are your targets, i.e. are there any special goals you would like to achieve with your music?
15) Contact Email:
16) Audio Materials (Link):
17) Photo Materials (Link):
18) Video Materials (Link):
19) Additional Information:

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