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In General

This website (hereafter further referred to as website) is provided by the above-mentioned owners (hereinafter referred to as operators) of the domain All services are solely and exclusively provided on the basis of these terms of use and may be modified, limited or ceased without giving reasons.


All images shown on this website belong to the respective image creator and/or the copyright owner. Any duplication, distribution or other circulation is strictly prohibited unless explicitly permitted in writing by the creator and the operators of this website. In case of an offence, we reserve the right to take legal proceedings against the violator!


The content of this website may only be used for personal information purposes. Any distribution to third parties as well as a business-related use of the content is prohibited. The operator reserves the right to limit the usage to a certain user group and/or to make the content only available to particular users. As a result, the user is not entitled to claim the access to or the use of the website.

This website is subject to copyright. No part of this website may be reproduced, copied, processed or distributed without the written permission of the operators. In case of an offence, we reserve the right to take legal proceedings against the violator!

The users may only use a web browser for interactive access to this website. Calling this site up using other programs, such as Spider (e.g. HTTrack, Offline Explorer, etc.), search engines (except the ones following the robot exclusion standard) or scripts is prohibited.

Any data transfer to or from this website may only take place in accordance with the purpose designated by the website operators. It is prohibited to interfere with the operation of the website. Any errors or security gaps must promptly be reported to the operators in an adequate, non-destructive way.

Users may be given the opportunity to draft and to publish own content (e.g. in the guest book). The creator is responsible for this content which may not conflict with any applicable law or the terms of use. Publishing any statements or images that are insulting, defamatory, anti-constitutional, racist, discriminatory or glorifying violence as well as any references (Hyperlinks) to such content are forbidden. In case of an offence, we reserve the right to take legal proceedings against the violator!

By publishing content, the users grant the operators of the website the non-exclusive rightto spread, edit, process, publish or translate this content spatially and temporally unlimited on this website.

Binding amendments to these provisions do not require the consent of the user and are instantaneously valid, unless otherwise indicated.


The operators do not assume any liability for the content of this website or of linked websites and other data sources being correct and up-to-date. The use of data provided on this website or on linked websites takes place at the user's own risk. The operators cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the use of any of the data provided on this website or on linked websites or which resulted from the disclosure of any data transmitted, stored, received or deleted on this website.

The operators do not have any influence on the content provided by third parties on linked websites or via other data sources. The operators therefore dissociate themselves from such external content and do not adopt it as their own.
The operators therefore rely on user support by means of giving notice of any content that signifies a violation of the law or the terms of use.

The contents provided by the users represent the opinion of the respective creator. The responsibility and respective liability for this type of content lies with the creator.

Data and Data Protection

When you are requested to provide personal information, the data you provide must be accurate and complete.

By providing personal details, you accept that all data provided by you as well as the data resulting from the provision of your personal details are electronically stored and processed within the scope of the services provided. You entitle the operators to contact you by e-mail and furthermore allow other users to contact you after you have deliberately posted your personal e-mail address (i.e. in the guest book) until you revoke your approval.

You may not disclose your credentials (user data) or the data and content designed for you or a certain group of users to third parties or enable their disclosure to a third party by handling these data in a negligent way.You may not use your user account together with other users.

Privacy Statement

We, the operators, are committed to protecting your privacy and strictly obey the provisions of the data protection act. On this website, data is only collected to the technically required extent. The collected data is in no case sold or for other reasons passed down to other parties.

The following statement will give you an overview of how we protect your data and what type of data is collected for which purpose.

IP addresses are only stored for data protection purposes. This information is not evaluated statistically but is stored for our safeguard in case a criminal offence should be committed on the part of the users.

User Feedback and E-mails

As a matter of course we collect and store the information the users post on our website or communicate to us in a different way. This comprises report details, short messages, blog postings, score sheets, player ratings, ability and skill ratings, feedback names, e-mail addresses, address details and URLs which are entered in the respective boxes of the form. These data are deliberately providedand are in no way checked or controlled. Using pseudonyms or similar is possible. We would like to advise you of the fact that deliberately provided information are visible to all users of the website, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

If you are sending us e-mails, these data are also collected and stored.

Further services offered on the website, such as surveys, feedback systems, user profiles or similar use “cookies”. They are used to improve our services by making them more user-friendly, efficient and secure. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your hard disk and stored by your browser. The majority of the cookies we use are “session cookies”. Theseare automatically deleted after a specified period of time. Cookies cannot be used to cause damage or to deliver viruses to your computer.

Since the website is financed by third party advertisements the following information resulting from your clicks is stored for statistical purposes only in order to customise our services according to your interests

  • Time
  • Host name of the computer accessing the webpage, IP address and user agent
  • Browser type/ version
  • Operating system used
  • Referrer URL
  • Destination of request
  • Type of advertisement clicked

These data is used by the operators only and cannot be assigned to a certain person. It is solely used for statistical analyses. The anonymised results of the latter are solely accessible for the operator. The data collected is not combined with other data sources Furthermore, it is deleted once the statistical analysis is completed.

The operator of the server as well as the advertisement providers are likely to collect further data. Advertisement providers may also place cookies on your browser and read them out or use beacons for data collection. These datacan be read out by the respective provider, primarily to improve their respective services. To erase the data possibly stored in your web browser or to disable the storage of data in the future, please contact the support of your web browser.
We do not have any influence on or control over the data collected in such a way by third parties.

Right of Access to Personal Data / Right of Withdrawal

You are entitled to request information about which data we hold about you at any time This comprises their origin, the recipient of these data as well as the purpose for which they are stored. This information about personal data is provided by the operators.

The personal data stored is deleted if you withdraw your consent for storage, if the data is no longer required for the purpose for which they were stored or if their storage is prohibited by law. ; A withdrawal is only possible for primary personal data.

Final Clause

Amendments or changes to these terms must be made in writing and are also valid in electronic format. The user agrees to amendments to or changes of these terms by calling up contents from this website after the date the modifications were published.

In the event of any provision of these terms of use being deemed to be void, invalid, or unenforceable by law or any loophole still having to be filled, this shall not cause the invalidity or unenforceability of the remainder of this agreement. The respective provision shall than be replaced by such a provision that best fulfills the intended purpose in accordance with existing law.

Privacy Policy for facebook plugins („Like“ button)
Our website makes use of plugins from facebook ( ).
You can identify these plugins by their facebook logo or as the „Like“ button at our website. An overview about some of the plugins can be found here: .
Everytime you visit our sites, this plugin opens a direct connection between your browser and the facebook servers. If you are logged in to your facebook account while clicking the „Like“ button, you can link contents from here to your facebook profile. This way, facebook gets knowledge about the fact that you visited our sites and receives your IP address.
Further information can be found in the facebook privacy policy at . We do not have any information about the contents of the transmitted data or their usage by facebook.
If you do not want facebook to know about your visit here, please log out from your facebook account.

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