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General terms and conditions of

§1 The (http// website is run by Mark Flegler and Jörg Letzing.
§2.1 will only create or run band websites by order of a third party (user, bands, musicians, companies, etc.). will not create or run websites of it´s own accord. is only service provider and does not guarantee for contents and is not leable for potential infringement of the law of websites, created by a third party (protection of trademarks, copyright infringement, -GEMA-, etc.). only puts the dedicated bandpage software (applications, tools and functions) as will as the hardware (webspace and server) at third party´s disposal. is not liable for texts, images, videos, music contents, phrases, statements or the like or or the like.
§2.2 All rules and clanses concerning user accounts and their building on the website, will be ranged by administrators and operators and have to be observed.
§3 Users of the website confirm the observance of rules by sending their data of their account registration.
§4 reserves it´s right to modify or to delete uploaded music, videos, comments blog entries or images, to ban or to delete accounts if members will break these rules. There is no need of giving reasons for modifications or deletions.
§5 The user on engages himself/herself to keep his/her email adress up to date. In case of an alteration of the email adress, the new adress has to be updated immediately at the profile information.
§6 The user on has to indicate the location of his/her domicile (country, city/town), as well as his/her real first and second name.
§7 If invalid data is entered, the administrators can ban or delete the concerning account. The duration of a ban is determined by the administrators.
§8 User names or nicknames are only valid for the registered bandpage and can not be reserved for other or future bandpages.
§9 It is forbidden to creat multiple accounts for only one user. Infrigement might cause the blocking or deletion of the concerning account(s) and the exclusion of the user from the service of for an indefinite period of time.
§10 Users of the website commit to respect others users, reardless of their nationality, religion etc. Infringement might cause the blocking or deletion of the concerning account and the exclusion of the user from the services of for an indefinite period of time.
§11 Users of the website are not allowed to use functions, features and offers of the website (BIM, guest book, blog, photo album, forums, comments, new entries) for advertising or spam. Exeptions: Advertising for internal events of the band on the website, partner websites or events.
§12 Users of the website only participate on current offers. Offers which are not up to date any more, expire implicitly. Discussions concerning this rule are foreclosed.
§13 Users of the website have to be 16 years old minimun. If they are not, a written permission of the parents or the legal guardians is reguired.
§14 Legal guardians have the right to forbid their children to visit or use
§15 "Fake entries" (wrong or fictions entries) are not tolerated and will lend to immediate deletion of the concerning entry. The administrators have the right to punish or to ban the responsible user(s) for an indefinite period of time.
§16 In case of an infringement of the rules by a user, we have the right to ban the concerning user or to delete his account.
§17 Every infringement of the rules will be prosecuted by the administrators. For example a general prohibition of using our services and/or the ban of the concerning account for a definite period of time. The account might also be deleted.
§18 Manipulation of features, tools or offersand services of the website, the publishing of pornographics material, racist or anti-Semitic ulterances, images, material or any type Internet espionage is strictly forbidden and we will take legal action, delete concerning account or even block the concerning, if not observed.
§19 Users whosign up an account just to cause a stir and to stir up other users, will be exclude immediately from using the website. Wether there is an intention to cause a stir or not, will be exclusively decided by the band administrators. Furthermore there is no need of justification or explanation on the part of the administrators.
§20 Copyrights: The copying, spreading, sending or publication of matreals of the website is strictly forbidden. In case of infringement, has the right to take legal action. Further information concerning the copyrights of is to be found at the data protection regulations.
§21 The total account of user accounts is not limited. However, user names/nicknames can expire according to the reguest of the certain community.
§22 The administrators/operators of the website have the right to change and modify the general terms and conditions at any time. modified general terms and conditions are effective immediately. I written announcement is not necessary. The user accepts the general terms and conditions by signing up his/her account.
§23 places accounds and any further current service connected to the account, at the disposal of the users. can not guarantee for an impeccable service of the accounts at any time.
§24 Place of jurisdiction is the Federal Republic of germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg/69412 Ebersbach. In case of a legal dispute, the German legal regulations are in force. These legal regulations are not listed here, however the law of the Federal Republic of Germany is in use.
§24.1 for business contacts among all parties, only German law is applied.
§24.2 The choice-of-forum clause applies to national as well as to international users.
§24.3 Place of execution and jurisdiction for all services and conflicts is solely the place of the service provider.
§25 Serverability clause: Should one or more provisions in these general terms and conditions be or become ineffective, the validity of the remaining conditions is retained.

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