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Musicians of tomorrow - My-Bandpage introduces:

Kathrin Manz, a sympathetic artist with feeling in her music.
Website: www.matzumi.de
Lives in Nieburg, Niedersachen, Germany
Languages: German and English
Contact: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Matzumi/...
Current Album: "Bravura Apasionada" featuring "Emilsam"

The project "Matzumi" is truly a "one-woman-band". An absolute lover of hardware synthesizers. Born in 1977, she started making music when she was still a child. She never took lessons for songwriting or the singing. A natural talent
Most of her tracks are instrumental with a melancholic touch. Because of her creating electronic music, you cannot but mention that everything she does is true craftsmanship, as every sound comes from her instruments, not from the comput
Even the voice in some of her songs is her own: Besides a few exceptions, her voice is kept in the background to not function as a main tool, but to fit into the whole. It is meant to emphasize and focus on the mood in her songs - the cr
ying soul.

Every single one of her songs shows a part of her very soul, mostly creating an own story with all her passion - which is why she could never produce from the assembly line. For her, these songs are no products, but a "diary of life wit
h soundtrack" by touching emotions, events, experiences and insights - her whole self is formed in sounds and becomes one with the instrument she is playing.

Her characteristic: she composes at night, which seems to be her most creative timeframe. :-)
She likes pompous and extraordinary sounds.
Since 2009, she is under contract with the label "candyrush-music" and won the "Schallwelle-Preis" in March 2011 as "Best Newcomer Of The Year 2010".

The backgrounds of her music:
An instrument as mouthpiece of the soul. Music as a diary of her own life. Compositions are emotions expressed in sound and tone.

"Music has so much power! It can capture us, makes us imagine pictures and escape from the boring reality."
"It (Music) likes stories, likes to tell us things no words exist for."
"Music can create worlds and is so much more than a sound in your ear..."

- Matzumi -

Interview with My-Bandpage

01) Artist Name: Matzumi

02) Contributors: Matzumi (a one-woman-band)

03) Website: www.matzumi.de

04) Current Album: Bravura Apasionada (by Emilsam Velazquez and Matzumi)

05) How would you describe your music to somebody who does not know you?
Well, some people might say that I sound like Vangelis, Lisa Gerrard or even Kitaro, but an independent project with a very own style.

06) Are there any non-musical influences on your creations?
My own life, and life in general ;-) I had my own philosophy: If there is something I cannot tell in words, I try to tell it in music. This is the reason why i keep describing my music as a "diary of my life with soundtrack".
Everything that makes me a human being, what I think, feel, events in my life and my own past - my music is meant to reflect this.

07) Who are the contributors to creating your music and what are their tasks?
Composition, Recording, Mixing, Vocals. Since this is a project consisting of myself, all these tasks are done by me.

08) What do you think makes a good musician?
He/she who puts his/her lifeblood into his/her compositions and believes in his/her own project.

09) What was your favourite gig so far?
No specific one actually. I was satisfied with all concerts so far, albeit I only had a few. There is always room for improval. I like the memories of the concerts at E-Live in Oirschot and the "Schwingungen" garden parties.

10) How did you get into this kind of music?
Oh, it came all by itself. I used to play similarly when I was a child, at least with the possibilities given to me at that time. Once I got my hands on my first keyboard - a Hohner PSK 15 - my musical journey started.

11) Name 5 favourite songs from your own lineup:
"The lonely path" from „Ad Infinitum“
"Bravura Apasionada" from the homonymous album
"Downfall and rebirth" from my upcoming album „Symphony of silence and humility“
"The migration" from “In Mutatio Tempora”
"Who we are" from the album “Sometimes”

12) How do you compose songs and how long did it take to create your current album?
The current album was started spontaneously, at the same time as my upcoming album „Symphony of silence and humility“. „Bravura Apasionada“ only took me a few months, while the symphony already consists of 2 years of work.
I mostly write songs at night. I use 'Cubase' for the recordings, mainly composing on hardware synthesizers.
Once I started a new track, I keep working on it in a long single session until it is finished. That way, every track is a snapshot of my emotional mood at that time.

13) What is your personal aim for your music? What would you like to accomplish?
Well, I am living for one dream - it would be the greatest thing if I ever had the chance to work with symphony orchestras in the future. My personal goal with music would be reached if this ever became reality.
You cannot know what will come and what will not, of course. Which possibilities might show up - or not.
I live for music. By my music I can show who I am, what I have to say and I can go my way, while staying authentic. It does not require more than that.
Music is and will be my true vocation...I have no idea where it might lead me, but I am eager to see the things that are coming...

14) Email: matzumi@gmx.de

15) Audio Media (Link): Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user3429725

16) Photo Media (Link): already sent

17) Video Media (Link): Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/MatzumiMusic

18) Additional Information: Album Reviews – Links:




Matzumi - In Mutatio Tempora
Matzumi ( Kathrin Manz ), who started making music as a child and showed us her favourite creations by the EP "Cryin Soul" (Published: 08/21/2009) and the LPs "Sometimes" (Published: 11/02/2009) and "Ad Infinitum" (Published: 07/30
/2010), did not surprise us when she was "Best Newcomer Of The Year 2010" with the "Schallwelle" award on March 12th 2011!
Now she presents her masterpiece in the form of her album "In Mutatio Tempora". This is music from time and space! Mystical, seemingly, a mix of foreign cultures and electronic music, vocal passages that remind us of "Gregorian" soun
ds, but only show that Matzumi found her own way to realize all this.
"dieKlangwelt" has accompanied her in the world of electronic music for quite a while and can clearly state that this is her masterpiece!
- The instrument as mouthpiece of the soul. Music as a diary of her own life. Compositions are emotions expressed in sound and tone.
"Music has so much power! It can capture us, makes us imagine pictures and escape from the boring reality."
"It (Music) likes stories, likes to tell us things no words exist for."
"Music can create worlds and is so much more than a sound in your ear..."
- Matzumi -
10 music tracks, which, in this form or presented live are not only a pleasure to listen to, but can also be called 'eye candy'.
Matzumi backed by a master of the guitar, Frank Dorittke (F.D.Project), "A Long Journey" shows us a world we cannot escape from, but have to lend our ears to. 10 appearances, musically worth mentioning, arranged and produced to dream a
nd drift into other worlds. Her track 'Die Kinder der Erde' is featured by the dane "Nattefrost".
You should not miss Matzumi. This masterpiece is of the predicate 'valuable' and should not be missing in your CD racks!

Published: October 1,2011 at label 'CandyRush-Music'

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